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more_vert600mm DeLuxe Half Dome Convex Mirror
$191.26 +GST

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600mm DeLuxe Half Dome Convex Mirrorclose

The 600mm DeLuxe indoor half dome mirror is designed for busy corridors and passageways at T-intersections to help avoid collisions. The lightweight vinyl back and lid enclose the cavity so that no dust, garbage or other objects can be left inside and will not require any constant cleaning out. Ideal in hospitals, office buildings, factories and schools, this innovative design is the mo..

more_vert800mm Outdoor Acrylic Convex Mirror
$365.15 +GST

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800mm Outdoor Acrylic Convex Mirrorclose

The 800mm Outdoor Acrylic Convex Mirror is weather proof and designed for general outdoor areas which are not exposed to harsh environmental conditions, such as high winds. The outdoor adjustable bracket is built to last and the specialized curve design is formed from optical grade 100% virgin acrylic and vacuum metalized from 99% pure Aluminium for a superior clear reflection with no distor..

more_vert230mm Lightweight Inspection Mirror - Long Handle
$162.70 +GST

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230mm Lightweight Inspection Mirror - Long Handleclose

The 230mm Lightweight Inspection Mirror with Long handle is portable, easy to use and will suit a wide variety of inspection situations that require a smaller sized mirror. Ideal for viewing below, above and around almost any hard to see place. These high quality mirrors are ideal for shipping container inspections, bio security, and vehicle inspection. They are widely used by the airline ..

more_vert450mm Ceiling Dome Convex Mirror
$185.00 +GST

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450mm Ceiling Dome Convex Mirrorclose

*For Multiple Quantity Options - Please Read Notes Below The 450mm indoor ceiling dome mirror is an effective method of wide area surveillance, due to its large 360º area of reflection, making it ideal for large retail areas, warehouses and distribution centres. In retail areas, when strategically placed, domes can be positioned above aisles and intersections for wide area surveillance an..

General Purpose Convex MirrorsGeneral Purpose Convex Mirrorsarrow_forward

General Purpose Indoor Outdoor Convex Mirrors For Retail Surveillance and Safety This very versatile mirror will adjust to any angle to allow an optimal line of sight. Indoor outdoor conv...

Wide Angle Dome MirrorsWide Angle Dome Mirrorsarrow_forward

Dome Shaped Mirrors For Wide Angle Viewing The DuraVision™ range of Ceiling Domes, Half Domes and Quarter Domes are the perfect solution to eliminate blind spots in retail stores, offices...

Outdoor Driveway MirrorsOutdoor Driveway Mirrorsarrow_forward

Weather Proof Outdoor Mirrors for Driveways and Car Parks If you need a mirror to see around the corner, these round convex traffic mirrors are designed to improve road safety for st...

Long-lasting Traffic MirrorsLong-lasting Traffic Mirrorsarrow_forward

DeLuxe Traffic Mirrors For Road Safety DuraVision™ high visibility convex traffic mirrors offer increased effectiveness at intersections and blind corners, where drivers are unfamiliar ...

Inspection MirrorsInspection Mirrorsarrow_forward

Telescopic Inspection Mirrors for Vehicles, Bomb Detection and Security DuraVision™ Inspection Mirrors feature lightweight and easy to use aluminum telescopic handles and are specifical...

Food Processing MirrorsFood Processing Mirrorsarrow_forward

Stainless Steel Food Processing Safety Mirrors When hygiene and durability are crucial, DuraVision™ Full Stainless Steel Mirrors offer you the ideal process monitoring solution. Installin...